Do Now #68: Would Stricter Gun Laws Reduce Gun Violence?

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photo by HeatherHeatherHeather/flickr

photo by HeatherHeatherHeather/flickr

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Do Now

Would stricter gun laws reduce gun-related violence? Why or why not? What is the central issue around this problem?


There have been a series of tragic events these past few years that have really brought the issue of gun violence onto the national stage. Most recently, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut has reignited this debate. It was one of the worst mass shootings in American history, 20 of the 27 people killed were small children.

The question that comes up over and over about gun violence is whether we should have stricter gun laws in place. The main issue comes down to two points: maintaining our rights and ensuring our safety. Specifically, the issue is about the balance between Americans' constitutional right to bear arms - as it is written in the Second Amendment - and the desire that almost all of us share to live safely without the threat of being harmed by gun violence.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who has been a leading gun control advocate and authored an assault weapons ban in 1994, which lapsed in 2004, is now expected to offer an updated version of this legislation. "Now is exactly the time," says New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an advocate for gun restrictions, "Calling for 'meaningful action' is not enough. We need immediate action. We have heard all the rhetoric before." There need to be controls over the sale of weapons and assault weapons do not belong on our streets – this is the clear position of gun control advocates.

But as KQED’s The Lowdown asks, what is it with America’s Love of the Gun? The article points to the figure that “there are 89 guns for every 100 civilians," according to the 2011 Small Arms Survey. That amounts to roughly 270 million guns owned nationwide, far and away the highest gun ownership rate in the world. Mitchell Rycus, a University of Michigan professor emeritus who studies violence and terrorism, agrees: "We've been a gun-toting society for hundreds of years," he said. But the focus on guns is misplaced. “The point," Rycus said in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle entitled Can We Do Anything to Prevent Massacres?, "is that America needs to look harder into the mental instability that often marks a mass killer, and to figure out how to address it.”

Gun-rights advocates, such as The National Rifle Association, claim that killings are caused by mentally deranged individuals, not by guns and people need to be able to protect themselves from mass murderers. Without this protection, there would be way more violence. The issue is about mental health and not recognizing the symptoms of unhinged individuals.

So, will stricter gun laws lead to a decrease in gun violence? The Lowdown’s Are States With Tough Gun Laws Actually Safer? presents some compelling statistics in its overview to this question which includes information from The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence that compares how states fare in terms of gun control laws and protecting communities from gun violence.


Watch Gun Control Debate Spurs Political Action Across the Nation on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

PBS NewsHour video Gun Control Debate Spurs Political Action Across the Nation - Feb. 18, 2013
In the nine weeks since the Newtown shooting massacre, the gun control debate has spread far beyond the Beltway. Gwen Ifill and political editor Christina Bellantoni explore what steps American cities have taken to curb gun violence, and how opposition voices have attempted to fight these measures.

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Comments (298)

  1. Alex says:

    Stricter gun laws will influence less violence. There needs to be a stronger regulation on the guns. Right now, it is impossible to account for all of the gun purchases. Because of this, automatic weapons are being frequently purchased. What causes guns to be bought at a frequent rate? Video games or any violent media can be somewhat responsible for the violence. We have been numbed to the violence because we are so use to viewing it. FPS games are virtual killing floors. What seems like a harmless game is subconsciously implanting violent thoughts in our minds. Here is a link to an infographic I created.

    • Sheila Bolduc-Simpson says:

      The number of U.S. firearm deaths compared to other countries is shockingly high. Nice job on your infographic you created demonstrating that there needs to be stronger gun control legislation.

      • Alexis says:

        There needs to be a stricter law on gun control in America. Yes, the tragedies that have happened recently have been by men of poor mental health; however, the guns they were using should not be allowed in households. I believe President Obama should remove military weapons and firearms from households and stores nation-wide because of the threat they pose. We could be a safer, more protected country without these guns. People with these guns should only be people of military status or somewhere in the police work-force. It is not necessary for households to own these forms of guns. The law needs to be in place sooner than later. Because of the recent tragedies, America finds the need to own these guns to be protected. Well, if people didn’t own guns, this wouldn’t be an issue…

    • Ashley A. says:

      I agree. There really needs to be stricter gun laws because of the various incidents in this country. these rules can reduce the amount of incidents going on, that hurt families. I enjoyed viewing your info-graph.

    • Henry says:

      I agree with the first half of your argument Alex. I agree that we should have stricter regulations on the selling of guns (thorough background checks, etc.) However, I do not agree with the amount of blame that you are putting on violent media for the gun violence we have seen recently. Sure, I acknowledge how a mentally ill individual might get worked up to go shoot somebody if they are doing it in a videogame. But that individual doesn’t do it because they were playing a violent videogame, or watching a violent movie. They do it because they are mentally ill, and something is seriously wrong with their minds. Violent media doesn’t subconsciously plant violent ideas in our minds. If that were true, wouldn’t there be more killers out there egged on by violent media, if 70% of people own these types of videogames, according to your infographic?

    • Justin says:

      I think that restricting gun laws would decrease the violence in communities. However I also think that since guns are no longer a weapon choice after the law is passed, the “bad” people will resort to blunt and sharp weapons. So there would be an upside and a downside to this.

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  5. Scott Downer says:

    Look at other Country’s that banned guns to the public like Puerto Rico , Dominican Republic , Africa ,many many of them people put them self’s in there own home with bars on there windows and doors lock them self’s up in there on prison and no one safe to walk the streets and murder rate out of control. last week alone a pro.boxer sitting at a restaurant in puerto Rico shot murdered and 4 other innocent people . when if one person with a gun could have made a difference

    • Avery says:

      I agree strongly with your view point, if someone has a gun someway somehow they are a danger to all citizens in that area. But if there is multiple people with a fire arm near that could stop a murder completely.

      • Arturo Ramirez says:

        But i strongly agree with you guys because the news always tries to get the bad side of guns wen guns have saved many people from house invasions and kidnappings and rape and robberies .

    • ashlee allee says:

      People should not shoot at people for no reason and people should be safe where every they go. They shouldn’t have to have bars on there doors or windows. Why are they doing this for.

    • Arturo Ramirez says:

      Africa is not a Country bro.

    • Riawna says:

      I agree fully with your argument. It is safer for guns to be carried around freely. Even in the shooting at Columbine High School the security armed with guns slowed down the shooters who were terrorizing the school. If it wasn’t for them then many other people would have died in that shooting. Resource:

  6. CJ says:

    First off, Its illegal already to purchase automatic weapons. Next off only an idiot would think a law against Murder would prevent Murder. Next, you can’t legislate people into being moral. No law stopped my wife from being carjacked and almost killed; I wish I had been there armed enough said…

    • Alec says:

      I completely agree with you. Its the same thing as drugs; even though they are illegal there is still plenty around for the people that know how to get a hold of them. So even if we made guns illegal murderers and felons would still be able to get them one way or another.

      • Kelli says:

        Making guns illegal wont do anything, murder is illegal yet it still happens, drugs are illegal yet people still do them. If guns where made illegal criminals would just find another way to get them like they do with drugs. Yes there should be stricter restrictions but banning them all together wont solve anything. Since when has a criminal followed the law in the first place?

        • Ansley Parish says:

          I thought this topic was very good and well written. This is so controversial and it really sparks interest. Gun control should be legal but with limitations.

    • Nick says:

      I agree 150% with what you have stated above. Just because you ban something, doesn’t mean people will actually obey the law. In my opinion, I feel as if banning something makes people want to do that more often then if it was legal. I am very sorry to hear that about your wife but that is why guns should not be banned. You will never know when you might need a gun for your safety or others.

    • Zerona says:

      i completely concur. Having laws against some thing doesn’t mean it will not happen…

  7. Ceara Wolf says:

    I think stricter gun laws would reduce gun violence, but only if it was stricter on the right people. I think everyone should have a background check on them in order to purchase guns. People with a history of violent tendencies should not be able to purchase guns anywhere. However, some places that sell guns do not require background checks. Here is an infographic I created:

    • Matt Williams says:

      Interesting infographic, Ceara! Those stats basically say that about 1% of gun applications at gun shows are rejected. Can you can tweet the image to @kqededspace? You can either download the graphic or take a screenshot and then upload it to your tweet.

    • Natalia R says:

      I completely agree! Tighter background checks would greatly help reduce gun violence. Maybe not stop it all together, but it will help

    • Kailee K says:

      Nice infographic! I like how it states real and true facts about the purchase of guns. I agree that background checks will help gun violence decrease. I believe that everyone intending to purchase a gun should have a background check to avoid violence.

      • Blake says:

        I live in Ca. We have extremely strict gun laws. We have a Assault Weapons Ban. We have strict background checks and no “gunshow loop holes”. YET we have high gun violence. Most gun violence isn’t committed with “MIlitary Grade weapons” (whatever that means) They are committed with Pistols and usually stolen pistols from people who went through our rigorous process legally. We have a much bigger problem and it isn’t gun legislation. Wake Up!!

  8. Maelani says:

    I Believe that stricter gun laws will reduce the amount of gun related violence. Although there will always be people too act against these laws, there will also be people who will abide to them. Hopefully stricter gun laws will make it harder for law breakers to get a gun in their possession. The problem with creating stricter gun control laws in that they may become so strict that it could violate peoples’ rights. Here is an infographic I created.

  9. Sara Aceves says:

    I believe that if we enforce stricter gun laws, violent acts of mass murders and killings will begin to decrease. Honestly in my opinion I think guns are only used for one of two purposes, to kill and to threaten to kill. When we feel like we are in danger, we call the police because they have guns that will kill the criminal. Guns make society feel safe (even without firing them), but at the same time they also put us in extreme danger. Since gun enforcement laws are not strict at the moment, Americans feel as though they need to own a gun in their home to feel safe. Did you know that there are about 2 million defensive gun uses per year alone? By enforcing more gun laws, we can reduce our “need” and abilities to own guns in the home for self defense. Here is a link to my infographic on some other ways we use guns for self defense:

    • JM says:

      I found it very interesting that there were almost 2 million “defensive” gun uses per year, and yet people with guns were 43 times more likely to shoot a family member by accident than in defense. If 2 million guns are used in defense, and you are 43 times more likely to shoot someone by accident, how many people are shot by accident, each year?

    • Lacey says:

      Sara, I liked your infographic how you pointed out that people use guns more to feel protected than to actually protect themselves. I also like what you said that people are more likely to accidentally injure a relative or friend, than use a gun in self-defense. My infographic was on the same topic.

  10. Kaitlin R says:

    I do think that stricter gun laws will reduce violence, however, it won’t wipe out violence completely. I understand that the more restriction and strictness of guns are to reduce gun violence, but in my opinion, I don’t believe that’ll significantly reduce gun violence. I think that criminals would find ways to get to guns, and maybe black markets for gun selling would be produced. It would just make things worse because there is no fact that stricter guns laws would significantly reduce gun violence, however it would make a somewhat of an impact. The strict gun laws would possibly stop people from doing actions for the purpose of gun violence, but again, this is not a fact that gun violence will be stopped. If you want to see my infographic about Gun Control, here is the link:

  11. Andrew says:

    Stricter gun laws would reduce gun violence. Most mass killings are done with assault rifles by people with mental issues. We could easily solve this by preventing people with mental issues from purchasing guns. This can be achieved with background checks for criminal record and mental stability. Assault rifles should also be banned in the U.S.
    Here is my infographic

    • Jorge says:

      Stricter gun laws will definitely not reduce gun violence….there will always be gun violence but maybe with stricter gun laws guns will be more expensive to get but guns will always be around

    • Maelani D says:

      I found this interesting. I agree with your theory on better gun control but in my research I found that most gun related injuries were caused by handguns.

      • Blake says:

        Correct. of the 143 guns used in Mass Killings only 20 would be classified as “assualt weapons”. That 20 number is probably off because it is still stating that in Newton he used a AR15 which has proven to be false.

    • Labrina says:

      This was interesting to me, i agree that stricter gun laws would reduce gun gun violence but not by a lot. I think that even if we changed the gun laws many people wouldn’t be okay with the change and that would cause more gun violence. so either way there is going to be gun violence, if we make the laws more strict or not.

  12. David Choy says:

    I think that stricter gun control laws would indeed reduce the amount of gun violence, but it would not guarantee that mass shootings would stop. If a person is determined to do something, he/she will find a way to do it. For example, although guns are the main weapons people will use to kill, there are countless other weapons that could be used as well, such as knives or even everyday items. I definitely agree with the article that the real issue is not gun control, but mental health.

    • Alex M says:

      I think that banning certain weapons and high capacity magazines would stop a vast majority of mass shootings. In the Sandy Hook shootings case, the shooter used his mothers guns. She was a law abiding citizen with no history of any sort of crime, but her guns were still used to kill. If those weapons had not been available, I don’t believe Adam Lanza would have gone out of his way to get guns just to shoot dozens of school children, he did it because they were available. If we didn’t have these kind of high powered weapons at all, this damage could have been avoided.

  13. Nicole N says:

    In my opinion, stricter gun laws wouldn’t necessarily reduce gun-related violence. Stricter regulations just prevent law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves; they don’t do anything to prevent criminals from getting a hold of guns. I have created an infographic about gun control that shows the statistics of how strict the gun laws are to how many gun related deaths there have been. It shows how in states with the toughest gun laws there are more gun related deaths than the states with the loosest gun laws. Here is a link to my infographic:

    • Skyler says:

      The Sandy Hook shooting was commited by a man who used his mother’s guns. His mother may have been a law abiding citizen but he was not. If his mother had not been able to buy her guns in the first place, the shooting may not have taken place.

      • Clay says:

        I agree maybe if the man’s mother had not bought these weapons or has possesion of them then there would of been no way of him getting the guns in the first place.

      • Nicole N says:

        But no laws were taken into consideration by getting the guns from a friend or relative because he didn’t get a hold of them through the government or a dealer. So stricter gun laws would have had no effect on whether or not he would have been able to acquire those guns.

    • Makayla says:

      I totally agree with you. Most criminals don’t go into stores to get guns/weapons they get off the street or from a family member. So with what you said it will just keep those using guns for protection harder to do so.

    • MacKenzie says:

      I also agree that stricter gun laws will not reduce violence. Lots of people in the U.S are owners of guns so in most cases, citizens already have some form of weapon that they can get their hands on. Right now, most people out there are worried that we will get stricter gun laws. Everyone is in a panic in most sports/outdoor stores, always in the weapons department, buying their own weapon, thinking they will ban the buying and selling of weapon to the public. In most cases of people who want to cause gun violence, either have their own gun or have a way to get one from someone else, so if they wanted to cause a mass killing, they could do it easily. There is no way putting stricter laws on guns will help in anyway. If somebody wanted to cause harm, there is no way that they wouldn’t be able to in the end. They will find a way.

  14. Sheila Bolduc-Simpson says:

    Stricter gun laws would reduce gun-related violence. A study conducted between 2007 and 2010 by researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard School of Public Health looked at the 50 states and measured gun laws and firearm-related deaths in 50 states and gave scores to each state. The stricter the gun laws the higher the scores. The categories used to create the legislative strength included laws related to firearm trafficking, background checks on firearm buyers, the banning of assault weapons, child safety laws, and restricting guns in public places. For more details on this study, see A combination of stricter gun control laws and more money funded for mental health would help solve this problem in America.

    • Sara says:

      Sheila, I completely agree with your views on how stricter gun laws will reduce violence since it obviously will be harder to obtain a gun in these areas, compared to areas without these gun laws. The study you brought up about the point system was very interesting. It would be interesting if the government began to create new gun laws in places that do not have any and create stricter background checks and repeat the study to see if the scores of the states would differ!

  15. Ben says:

    I do not believe stricter gun laws will result in less shooting. If somebody wants a gun, there gonna do everything they can to get one, and they probably can and will get one. Gun laws wont stop this, laws on drugs don’t stop drug addicts from getting there drugs. Yes, it will be harder to get a gun, but it wont stop the crime.

    • Marcus says:


      Obviously education wasn’t held in high regards for you as a youngin’. That being said, I think most strongly disagree with this faulty statement. You have to keep in mind, when comparing drugs to guns, that drugs can be addictive. Nobody is going out to a shooting range “shooting” up bullet lead, but rather “shooting” at targets. Drugs become physically and/or emotionally addictive, therefore the user feels then need to introduce the substance to their system. I believe that most can agree that guns, in the same sense, are not addictive. There is no reason you need these specific guns, and you can surely find an alternative for your lost weapons (maybe drugs). I would also like to point out that drugs are cheap compared to the price of a gun, and the drug being consumed is usually only dangerous to the user, not those surrounding them. Maybe banning certain weapons won’t stop crime, but that’s like saying community service organizations won’t bring world peace. That’s fairly self-explanatory and obvious, therefore making your argument invalid. However, in both examples, a little bit of help can still go a long way and its better to help a few people than none.

      • Tim Bowers says:

        your statements are completely false in the sense that guns are addicting, robbers can always rely on their trusty handgun to rob a convenience store…kinda like how a coke addict can always count on that next bump! Oh and you’re telling me that a man on drugs has never hurt those around them? You sure? Before condescending one’s thoughts, take a look at your own….

    • Ceara Wolf says:

      I agree with you in the sense that it will not stop crime by much of a headway. However, I think there will be a small amount of safety when banning guns from certain people. It would be much harder for people to get their hands on illegal guns though if the police actually crack down on all the unregistered guns more than they do now.

  16. Jessie Puckett says:

    I think gun control would only hurt the law abiding citizens. I would keep the guns in the criminals hands, they would still have access. The would also create more criminals; there are many people who wouldn’t give up there guns. It there right to have them, this wouldn’t help just make it all worse. More people would get hurt, there more people would help.

    • Sophie K says:

      I don’t believe that stricter guns laws would hurt law abiding citizens. We have seen, through different school shootings, that the gunmen obtained their guns through legal means. Thus, many mentally disturbed, yet law-abiding, citizens can obtain guns and then commit terrible killings.
      The link below provides a graph that shows how many of the guns used in mass shootings were obtained legally:
      While criminals will always have access to guns illegally, through the black market, stricter gun laws would prevent many mentally deranged individuals from obtaining guns and committing massacres.
      In addition, many of the guns used in these mass shootings were legally obtained, semi-automatic weapons. I believe there are few instances where a person would need a semi-automatic weapon in his or her home to “defend” him or herself. On the link above, there is another graph which demonstrates how a huge number of the mass shootings in the past thirty years were committed by people who used semi-automatic handguns. Stricter gun laws would definitely reduce the number of shootings and their severity.
      In addition, other countries which have stricter gun laws, have less homicides linked to guns. This opinion article supports this idea:
      It says how Australia is an excellent example of where stricter gun laws have had a very positive impact. In 1996, a lone gunman, killed 35 people with a spray of bullets from semiautomatic weapons. Within weeks, the Australian government was working on gun reform laws that banned assault weapons and shotguns, tightened licensing and financed gun amnesty and buyback programs. The laws have worked. The American Journal of Law and Economics reported in 2010 that firearm homicides in Australia dropped 59 percent between 1995 and 2006.
      Similar occurances have taken place in other countries, including Japan and Scotland.
      I believe stricter gun laws would most definitely have a positive impact on reducing gun violence and massacres in the United States. The positive impact of stricter gun laws is backed up by data from other countries.

    • Lacey says:

      I agree with you Jessie. How are authorities supposed to get all of the guns away from everyone. I would like to see a world without guns, it would be a much more peaceful place. But are the authorities just going to go and knock on every door and ask the home owner if they have a gun. A criminal owning a gun wouldn’t confess and give up his gun. I think banning guns is a nice thought, but I just don’t see how it is possible.

  17. Joshua Green says:

    Stricter gun laws would not help that much. People will always find a way to do evil. Do you think that gangsters get there weapons from academy and bass pro, no they don’t. They illeaguly obtaine there firearms. The stricter gun laws would only keep us from protecting our selfs from those who would bring harm to us.

    • JM says:

      You are correct in saying the people always find a way to do evil, but we can control WHAT they are doing evil WITH. The fact is, if we limit production and take some guns off the market, we are limiting the total number of weapons available to the criminals. Yes, they will always get them, but riddle me this: Households without guns have a lower rate of violence than those with. That includes robberies, muggings, abuse, and all forms of self-defense. The fact is, less guns equals less violence, across the board.

  18. Landon says:

    I personally believe that if guns were completely banned it would cause more problems than there already are. If criminals want guns they always find a way to get them. Even right now automatic guns are banned and criminals can still get there hands on them. If guns were banned completely the good people could not properly defend themselves from the people who still have access to the guns.

  19. Tayler Arterburn says:

    That’s dumb because criminals don’t follow laws.

  20. Steven Moore says:

    Stricter gun laws I feel are necessary, but not in the way that many believe. I believe security/background checkups should be a much more thorough process. Having a gun in my house, I feel much safer, from anything. Regardless the threat, I am reassured that because of the gun in my house, I am safe. Without a firearm of sorts, I would feel extremely vulnerable. If our right to bear arms was voided, and one was to obtain a firearm, (Which could easily happen. Just because you set a law banning something, that doesn’t mean it will completely disappear, If someone wants an illegal item, they will get it. For example, excessive moonshine, marijuana, prescription pills, and other drugs.) One thing that bugs me is, even if we ban guns, police officers, security guards, presidential security, and other officials of the sorts, will all have guns. Which is saying that the ban on gun laws won’t be enough to keep everyone from having a gun, and knowing that, it should be pointless for them to partake in a banning of our right to bear arms, with the intention of stopping a pre-meditated murder. The government is definitely pervasive enough to know, banning guns will not stop all shootings. Shootings will happen, so we might as well be able to be able to defend ourselves, with firearms, in the process. Having a gun around for the protection of me and my family will optimize not only protection, but the hope of being safe. All this being said, one of the more powerful points to this arguement, is the simple fact that if guns are banned, our rights are being violated. Not just our “rights”, but our natural rites as well. Naturally, we should have the ability to defend ourselves in any situation regarding someone provoking or instigating something, by say, breaking in, or trespassing. Banning guns in general, would cause an outrageous uproar, because of the well-known truth, our right to bear arms is just that. A right to bear arms.

    • Skyler says:

      If “excessive moonshine, marijuana, prescription pills, and other drugs” are illegal, don’t you think we’d see a rise in their use and presence if we were to legalize them? Passing stricter gun laws will reduce the number of guns in America. Also, I’m from the North East and I don’t have a gun in my home. I’m really confused as to why you would feel unsafe without a firearm in your home. Do you need to use it that often?

  21. Tayler Arterburn says:

    I think that guns are the dumbest thing ever thought of. Criminal will break the laws no matter what. So if we take the guns away from good americans then they wont be able to protect themself when they are attacked.

    • Andrew says:

      Your ideas make sense, but statistics show that owning a gun makes you 4.5 times more likely to be shot, and 4.2 times more likely to be killed. Guns hurt more than they protect.

  22. Tori says:

    Having stricter gun laws will decrease the amount of gun violence, but not the amount of mass murders. Like the article said, killings are caused by deranged individuals, not by guns. Then again, since when do criminals follow the laws?

    • Kaitlin R says:

      I completely agree with you about criminals not following laws. Criminals will always find a way to get their hands on guns, so either way, gun control cannot significantly reduce gun violence. Can you tell me the link that says killings are caused by deranged individuals and not guns? It interests me that the article states that the individuals do the harm, yet as far as I know, guns were designed to cause harm.

  23. Tucker C. says:

    Gun control will lead to American legislatures to ease into fascist patterns until American citizens can only use the Bill of Rights as tissue paper. Devolve. Devolve. DEVOLVE. The federal government’s power is growing. Shut it down. Gun violence will not be affected by stricter regulation. Should we take away cars for the sake of car accident victims? Focus on the shooter, not what they’re shooting. Give the states power. Visio vitae sit amet vero. Cristo Vive.

  24. Matilyn P. says:

    My impression on gun control is that it needs to be a lot more controlled then it is at this current date and time. Yes, the evaluation of the mental health of the people that purchase guns wouldn’t require as much regulation on guns but it would take a lot longer. And lets face it, in today’s world heaven knows that will not happen because we all ‘want it now’. The odds of that happening is slim to none. So the only way is to put more regulations on the guns themselves and not the people. But there will always be violence no matter how much you regulate something. The only way to really stop violence is to not have guns at all. Will that happen? I don’t think in our lifetime.

  25. Megan says:

    In my opinion, stricter gun laws will not reduce gun violence or violence in general. Criminals do illegal things, and if guns are illegal, why should that stop them? I do think that there should be a psychiatric test before a citizen is able to purchase a gun and that there should be more regulations as to where guns are kept in homes. But taking away the fundamental right to bear arms is not the answer. Americans should be able to protect themselves with firearms, period. I understand that the availability of guns to unstable people is alarming, but it is a hasty generalization to assume that guns are bad just because of a few bad people. Besides, guns don’t kill people; people kill people. And if a person really wants to harm others, they’ll find a way, regardless of the gun laws.

    • JM says:

      When was the last time anyone, besides police officers (on and off duty), used a gun in self-defense?

    • Skyler says:

      Couldn’t stricter gun laws make it more difficult for criminals to acess guns, thus reducing gun violence?

    • Gabrielle Libretti says:

      Guns do kill people, because guns are designed for killing or, at least, serious harm. Additionally, it’s important to note the language of the second amendment, which is very vague to whether citizens have the right to bear arms or simply the right to bear arms in a militia, and the interpretation that people have the right to bear arms meaning that people have the rights to guns is rather new in comparison to how long the Constitution has existed. I do agree that there need to be mental health checks for people purchasing guns, but stricter gun laws are also necessary. In many of these mass shootings, like what was seen with Adam Lanza, people take guns from people close to them. It seems prudent that certain types of dangerous, semi-automatic weapons should be banned, especially because these are the weapons not really used for hunting or sport purposes. And guns aren’t just bad because of bad people– a lot of people die accidentally from guns. Gun laws need to be tightened through mental health checks, but also through the banning of certain, unnecessary weapons that can do grave harm.

  26. Kalee says:

    You know that annoying saying that “people kill people”. I mean, that’s pretty obvious right, its not like a gun grows legs and decides, “hey! a person! i feel like shooting them!” Granted it takes a mentally unstable person to kill a ton of people, or even one, however, is selling something we don’t want people to misuse wise? That’s a lot like tempting someone, and WE as a people are temped everyday. Maybe its not tempting, maybe its just a rotting of the brain. Think of how often you see movies where people are shot, play video games where your goal is to kill, or even just joking around and saying “i am going to shoot you lol”. Now, everyone knows that banning the sell of drugs didn’t keep people from making drugs. if anything it made it more exciting! Think of a time where you were told not to do something but just because of that felt the sudden urge to do it. We are only human, we like feeling like we run our lives, and by “doing what we want when we want” we, of course, rule our lives! Think of teenagers, they love doing things that they are told not to and half the time they don’t feel overly compelled to obtain it until they are told they cant. this my friends is called, rebellion. and guess what, we are a rebellious race-who would have know? then again, i don’t think some rebellious teen is going to go kill a bunch of people but would telling Hitler its illegal to buy guns stop him? Of course not! Drugs are illegal-people still do them, speeding is illegal-people still do it. However, the source of all of this is people and our unbelievably unstable ways. Granted we shouldn’t give out guns free like candy at a parade, but should we ban guns for everyone? What good would that do? Besides, more people are killed my base ball bats than guns. I KNOW! lets ban base ball bats! sorry sports fans. Sorry, but in all seriousness, what do killing and doing illegal stuff come down to? People, “WE the people”, us, you and me, the human race. from the beginning of time its been proven that we are a sick and twisted race-from the Hitlers to the creeps that kill for fun. But why did they do that? What could make people stop? we could yell “WORLD PEACE” all day everyday and it do absolutely nothing. But think about all the people who turn out to be the killers, whats wrong with them? some have funky chemicals in their brains that make them do bad things, some had really bad childhoods. we all know these are no excuses to do the horrific things that they do but i think its society that gives them that little extra nudge. We gently tap them over the edge. We have all been there. Maybe instead of promoting violence through media, or even yourself, we could promote peace. I’m going to get all hippy for a second-but think about this-how great would it be if we could trust each other not to kill one another? How about instead of making a movie about some really awesome drug dealer living large and killing cops we make something that says- “hey, its OK to be nice.” So it comes down to this- we can ban guns and they will still be sold. We can keep guns and they will still be sold. we can give out flowers and hugs and there will still be people who cant quite cope this things the way they should. Maybe if our guns are taken the government will try to take over and we will all become slaves to them (that’s my grandma speaking through me by the way, she kinda paranoid like that.) But honestly, all i can say is-if you don’t want people to kill people, then STOP acting like you want people to kill people! you know that kid a school who is kinda weird and creepy? don’t shove him into a locker, better yet, don’t walk by and let it happen. You know that quiet guy at work that always turns up late? Don’t be a jerk, you don’t know his life. All in all, yeah, our government should do something. What? I don’t know, but i do know what we can do. (we as in the people who really DO rule the country) stop asking for games that kill each other, stop bulling that kid because it might just be the perfect nudge, stop asking for people to kill each other. (metaphorically asking of course.) YOU cant change anyone, but you can change yourself. start there and watch it ripple out. It all comes down to the people, not the guns.

  27. Syd says:

    I think that stricter gun laws would reduce the amount of gun violence. However, I think that if we really wanted to reduce the amount of gun violence, we need to provide more care for the mentally unstable people in our society. If we start at the root of the problem, we can reduce the amount of violent crime as a whole.

  28. Skylar says:

    It is not the guns that are the problem it is the people using them, mental or physical issues. Maybe when buying guns people should be checked for many issues rather than banning guns all together.

  29. Alyx says:

    Personally, in my opinion making stricter gun laws won’t solve anything. People will do what the choose. For instance, doing drugs is against the law but people still do it. Which many of the gun violence’s fall back on being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

  30. Jordan Sterling says:

    I think there is a need for using extended backround checks and a limit on magazines that can be purchased. This allows for the right people to get guns that need them for protection. Allowing guns in churches or on college campuses is not needed. I think arming teachers with small handguns is a good idea for protecting against school shootings. The teachers must have backround checks though. There isn’t a need for banning violent video games. There are not many people who would play a game and be like” Hey! I want to go run around shooting people!”. It just doesn’t happen.

  31. Mason Kent says:

    I think that there should be stricter gun laws but we should never have the second amendmant right taken away but there should be more thorough background checks or maybe a physc evaluation or some sort of test but we should never have our right to bear arms taken away.

  32. Aubrey says:

    I believe that stricter gun laws should be enforced, but not in the sense of taking them away. I feel that background checks should be stricter, along with that I feel that there should be some sort of test that can ensure that anyone who buys a gun is mentally healthy. Although, not everyone that goes to a random public place and starts shooting off rounds is a nutcase, if the ones that are, are ruled out, then they will be one less thing that needs to be bothered with. But, even putting more laws like this in place isn’t necessarily going to get rid of the problem. People are the problem, people and there twisted thoughts. Guns were made to protect people from others that are trying to harm them. So if a man is trying to shoot me with a gun, he’s probably less likely to do it, if I also have a gun. My point is, that our right to bear arms should not be taken away, because without it we may become more vulnerable. But, we do need some extra laws enforced.

  33. Theron Hardee says:

    I think both sides make a point i think more gun laws would be an okay thing but if a criminal does not have a problem killing little children i don’t think he will have a problem breaking a gun law. It does not come down to gun control people should still have there constitutional right to carry a gun. I think screenings would be okay and psychiatric evaluations would all be okay but what is most important is security. Instead of cracking down on gun laws state and city officials need to crack down on school security.

  34. Waffles says:

    Everything that is said in the article ‘Do Now #68″ i agree with because americans should and do have the right to bear arms but mind disfunctions deffenitely need to be looked at more intensively because most of the mass murders that have accured have been caused by someone who was trouble minded or at least that is what they say. This place we live in will never be peaceful by the way we act towards each other but something we could ALL do is be more careful with what we do and treat each other better. guns should not be banned anywhere but i do agree that the people that are careless about things so serious such as this argument should be neglected the right to own any guns.

  35. Brice says:

    I believe that something needs to be done here. Not necessarily taking guns away from the public. But I feel that people need to be more informed about the uses of guns. I don’t own a gun, therefor I know very little about them. I also believe that these events of the misused weapons have most likely been the cause of some sort of mental illness. Background checks and mental medical history checks would prevent quite a bit of these shootings from happening. I do not agree that there should be more restrictions on sales of firearms because there haven’t been many issues until now. People will still get their hands on guns even if they are outlawed. I do not agree that the people that are being responsible with firearms should be punished because of the stupidity of others.

  36. zack volsky says:

    i think that both sides have valid arguments. yes if you reduce the amount of guns there would be less murder “by gun” and yes it may reduce the number as a whole. that being said every person has a right to protect them self’s i think the best way to solve this problem would be to have background checks for any type of violence in your criminal record (if you have one).

  37. Michael says:

    I think that no matter if we take guns away from the law abiding citizens the criminals will always have guns. i think that some restrictions are of need. what if our guns do get taken away? Do you think that the presidents gards will rid them selfs of their firearms? I dont think that they will. So the president is going to be allowed to have weaponry for protection, yet civilians are not? Seems legit.

  38. Bailey C. says:

    I don’t believe that stricter laws will decrease gun violence at all. Criminals are people who break laws, so if you make guns illegal, it isn’t going to change anything. Also, there are weapons other then guns. Every weapon needs to be focused on, not just guns. If a person wants to hurt someone bad enough, they’ll find a way. The person is the problem, not the weapon. The weapon has an intended purpose, & it’s not being used in that way because of the person. More focus should be put on the person requiring the gun, then the actual gun itself.

  39. Jack says:

    Perhaps prohibiting the sale and purchase of firearms would not stop gun violence all together.. but it doesn’t seem to me that an uncontrolled market of deadly weapons will help reduce gun violence either. It is a basic right for Americans to bear arms, but with the power of modern weapons and the responsibility that comes with them a certain amount of regulation should be in place to avoid things like mass shootings and unnecessary violence in American society. It will be impossible to eradicate gun violence all together since guns will always be part of American culture, but steps can be taken to reduce it and make American gun owners more responsible and safe. Keep on keepin’ on

    • Susan Nahvi says:

      I definitely agree with Jack, in that there is no way to completely cut out the violence that human beings committ against each other. While I totally understand the need for guns, the need for citizens to protect themselves, I don’t understand the need for total deregulation. Just following a debate in my Social Studies class, there are ways that we can implement gun control without infringing on people’s rights. Putting a tax on ammunition or requiring people who purchase guns to take safety classes could certainly be measures that would be constitutional and less controversial than simply banning guns. If we are worried about gangs or illegal organizations purchasing large amounts of firearms through frontmen, perhaps we could limit people to buying two of the same gun at any one time. That would make it a hassle to stock up on guns for illegal purposes but allow collectors and regular citizens to buy what they want.

  40. Kira says:

    Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. No matter what you do they will always find a way to kill people. There are alternative weapons that they will still have access to. You can’t completely wipe guns off the face of the earth, so there will always be some way for people to get their hands on a gun. And as for the victims that do not have access to guns, that’s not safe. If someone has a gun for protection or safety then it’s not their fault there are people out there that feel the need to take another persons life. I realize that “if there are no killers with guns then people wont have to have a gun to protect themselves.” I do not think that is right at all. Safety is the most important thing and people want to feel like they are safe, especially in their own home. Like the passage says, “…killings are caused by mentally deranged individuals, not by guns and people need to be able to protect themselves from mass murderers.” No matter what you do the killings will still happen. At first, they may not happen very often, but eventually it will be just as bad as before. I do not think gun laws will help with mass murders or killings.

  41. BusamJonathan says:

    Although stricter gun control measures are well intended, they will not have severe effects, for the criminal operates outside the law.
    1.) Criminals find ways around laws. They will find guns no matter what.
    2.) People are afraid of those who carry guns. Criminals prefer to attack unarmed citizens, for the criminal would face less of a risk of being injured in the process.
    3.)The law of the land: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”

  42. BusamJonathan says:

    Although stricter gun control measures are well intended, they will not have severe effects, for the criminal operates outside the law. The criminal is an individual who responds to incentives other than the law.
    1.) Criminals find ways around laws. They will find guns no matter what.
    2.) People are afraid of those who carry guns. Criminals prefer to attack unarmed citizens, for the criminal would face less of a risk of being injured in the process.
    3.)The law of the land: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”

  43. Amber Redinger says:

    Guns do not kill people. People kill people. You may make it harder to get guns, but there are people out there that already have guns they can sell. Making it harder to get guns will just make the bad people want guns even more. If you take guns away people will just find other ways to be violent. Also taking guns away, will leave the other people helpless when it comes to self defense. I feel that everyone has a right to the 2nd amendment, but there is also a time when people take it too far. Criminals will never stop doing illegal things. So no matter what you do, the criminals will find a way around it.

  44. Julia Lipply says:

    I believe that creating strict gun laws will only make people rebel more and cause more violence. Many laws such as not exceeding the speed limit, not drinking and driving, and not committing murder are tested and performed daily. Even though there are laws against these things people continue to take action on them and do them. Therefore, putting a ban on guns may or may not keep people from using them, but I feel that it will only make people angrier and lead them to using guns even more.

  45. Brandi says:

    In times of crisis, guns are going to be needed. If you are a police officer or someone who has a job where guns are needed, then they will need guns. You can’t take guns away from everyone. People who have guns are like hunters who would rather use guns to kill animals rather than humans. The people who use guns to kill people are people who must have something wrong in their heads. You don’t just take a gun into an elementary school and let loose, killing small children. People who go in to buy guns should have a medical background to make sure there is nothing wrong with them.

  46. Morgan O'Neal says:

    I believe that gun control will only cause more gun violence. Maybe it will decrease in the beginning, but, it may rise in an instant as people rebel against what gun laws may come. I think a lot of people who want gun control don’t realize the dangers of what may come of gun control. I think that there should be tests that you have to go through to be able to own a gun. Guns are not the problem, it’s the people. If we take guns away or restrict people from guns, violence may increase in people who don’t have a mental issue. Rebellion may and most likely will erupt after a short while of gun control laws being enforced.

  47. Lauren S. says:

    I do not think that having stricter gun laws will reduce gun violence. If anything it will only make it worse. I you try to forbid someone from having something it only makes them want it more and they will try harder to get it. By attempting to restrict guns it will only make people angry. Guns are not what kill people, it’s the people using them. More people die from vehicles than guns, does that mean we should take away cars too? What’s going to stop someone from driving a car into a place where a bunch of people are gathered just to kill them? By restricting guns with the intention of banning them in the future violates our constitution. A constitution that our country was built on, and has successfully kept this country alive. More people will die from not having guns than having them because then they will have no ways to protect them.

  48. 1.) Criminals find ways around laws. They will find guns no matter what.
    2.) People are afraid of those who carry guns. Criminals prefer to attack unarmed citizens, for the criminal would face less of a risk of being injured in the process.
    3.) The law of the land: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”

    Although stricter gun control measures are well intended, they will not have severe effects, for the criminal operates outside the law.
    What we are trying to do is legislate morality. This desire, however, is impossible. As Michigan GOP representative Justin Amash stated, “we can’t legislate morality and force everyone to agree with us.” Every individual has his/her own set of guidelines that he/she operates by. Some may follow the law, but inevitably, some will believe the law to be unjust. Some of these people may thus choose to ignore the law. The people most likely to ignore the law and go against it are classified as criminals. These people will find ways to buy guns on the black market, or even make their own deadly weapons. The only incentive pushing them to avoid killing others would be the fear of them being killed themselves. If we don’t restrict gun ownership, more people will be armed, and the criminal will have a greater fear of being shot at, and thus the criminal will be less likely to kill.

  49. Sara S. says:

    I think there should be stricter laws because guns could kill people. People don’t need to be so violent. People don’t always listen to the laws because people aren’t thinking right.

  50. SSooklal says:

    Clearly, it has been established that the issue presented here reflects the larger concern with whether or not restricting our right to bear arms is constitutional. However, within all our Constitutional rights, there appear to be certain situations in which these rights can be limited. For example, we have freedom of speech yet we are restricted in terms of defamation, speech that is broadcasted on radios or on TV, and even speech that is allowed in school. These restrictions are put in place because they were deemed reasonable limitations that are necssary for society to function in a safe and healthy way. Therefore, if we compare our First Amendment rights to our Second Amendement rights, it follows suit that we should be able to restrict gun laws if it is for the common good of society at large.

    However, whether or not stricter gun laws will really reduce this violence is debatable. I do agree with you in that there are always going to be ways for people to get around the laws, so maybe the goal should be to increase punishment for anyone found with an illegal weapon that they don’t have licenses for. There are many guns that are purchased from unregulated markets and can be used illegally, regardless of what the laws say or whether there are strict background checks or not.

    It would also appear to be a good idea to regulate the type of weapons available because many of the mass shootings utilized weapons that were created for military use that can kill mass amounts of people, which is much more harmful.

  51. Doug c says:

    An overarching theme of gun control is whether the strictness of its regulations has a correlation to how much it controls or reduces crime. Stricter gun control laws include longer waiting times, stricter eligibility for the privilege to conceal arms, as well as tougher requirements for background checks. I believe that stricter gun laws will either have no impact on crime rates, or it will have a negative impact on crime rates. Gun control laws do the opposite of what they are supposed to do. In fact, the 31 states with “shall issue” laws (the law to conceal weapons) have on average a 24 percent lower violent crime rate, a 19 percent lower murder rate, and a 39 percent lower robbery rate than states that forbid concealed weapons. The nine states with the lowest violent crime rates all have right to carry laws.

  52. Guns will never be banned; that is the simple truth. There will always be citizens arguing for the second amendment, and as long as the NRA is still intact and U.S.A. continues to spend more on its defense budget than any other nation in the world, Americans will continue to live in fear and convince themselves they must be protected in any way possible, even if the right to bear arms can put others in danger. It was one of our greatest founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, who said, “He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.” However, I believe that we can regulate guns for permanent security. With the Patriot Act now in effect, “Congress should pass legislation to require Brady criminal background checks on all gun sales, not just the 60% of sales estimated to be from licensed gun dealers. This includes requiring background checks for all gun sales at gun shows.”
    I also believe that we should also allow medical background checks, especially if someone has a history of mental illness and is not stabilized or on medication. While clearly there would be some exceptions to this background check, people with mental disorders (such as paranoid schizophrenics with no police record but a series of reports from various medical experts detailing their instabilities) should be limited to what they can purchase if they are or have been considered to be a danger to themselves or the people around them. Right now, it’s too easy for guns to fall into the hands of the wrong people. We must change our laws or suffer the consequences.

  53. April H. says:

    Stricter gun laws should be enforced in the United States. I feel that stricter gun laws will decrease the amount of violence, but the problem in society is the interference it has with the Second Amendment. As Americans, we have been given this right, and as a Democracy, Americans need to be able to balance out a way that will keep our rights, and successfully reduce the amount of violence. I feel that people should not be carrying semiautomatic-military weapons. All guns provide the same result. Death. Americans also want to be provided with guns to protect themselves, because as a nation, we are being threatened. For example, Australia has fewer violence, just because they have made specific gun laws for their country. The United States has more violence than most of the countries in the world. The central issue of the problem, is that there are mentally handicapped people that are being allowed to have access to guns, but there are laws here that allow them to have the right to carry the gun. The Second Amendment says that we have the right to bear arms, but the access of these guns need to be controlled within the country. Once this has been settled, I feel that the country will be safer as a whole, both providing our rights, and the enforcement of stricter laws.

  54. Cristal Monsibais says:

    I believe that creating stricter gun laws will only make matters worse. If we make a stricter laws, then people wont be able to protect themselves. Not to mention, since when do criminals follow the laws. If criminals followed the laws, then they truly aren’t criminals. Are they? I believe that is the laws are passed, then criminals will be more willing to kill and break laws. Maybe the only reason why bob (pretend) didn’t go after Kim (again fake) is because he thinks that Kim has a weapon. Whereas if the laws were passed, then he would know that she doesn’t and would then go after her. Also I think that if the government takes away the second amendment, then they will feel powerful and possibly change several other things afterwards. We have had the amendments for hundreds of years and I believe that that should not be changed. If we change too many things, then the whole system will collapse. I think that maybe a few stricter laws will be okay. But removing firearms altogether will cause chaos. I am a firm believer that history repeats itself. So if we remove firearms, it could be the same as when they tried to stop alcohol. The same time when Al Capone arose. A killer is going to kill, no matter what. There are always other weapons that they can use.

  55. Kristi says:

    We shouldn’t have our second amendment right taken away. They should get a background check every time someone wants to buy a gun or any weapon that could harm anyone. But not always the background check will work because a friend with a good background might buy one and sell it to his friend and the authorities won’t know. Thats the problem maybe they should do like a check at least once a month on those who have bought a gun to see if they still have it or they sold it to someone else. Taking guns away won’t stop completely stop all the violence in this world.

  56. Ramon Luna says:

    I personally think that it’s just logical that the less guns are on the streets there would be less shootings. Now it comes down to the amendment issue but I really think that no one should have a automatic riffle that shoots 300 rounds a minute that is just unnecessary. A two round shotgun or a 8 round pistol should be plenty for defense.

  57. Kameron E. says:

    I believe that gun laws will not reduce the amount of gun related violence, because of the example of prohibition. Prohibition had a decent idea of taking away alcohol, but flawed from the start. The law stopped only the law abiding citizen, while some of the country drank moonshine or smuggled alcohol. The gun laws will do the exact same thing. The central issue is that guns are killing people. Since guns have already been introduced into the United States it is going to be nearly impossible to get rid of. Since they are nearly impossible to get rid of are guns really the issue? Cars have large death toll too, it really is not the object who cause the issue, it is the people that cause the deaths. They do not dare to put more stricter laws on cars, since the general population believe that cars are a necessary tool. It is going to be pointless to add more guns laws because death is natural and needed.

  58. Brandon Strong says:

    You could never stop people from killing others. Taking away guns isn’t the solution to the problem, it’s the people that are buying them that are the problem. I feel like restrictions to owning a handgun aren’t limited to the extent that I believe it should be. Not only should we utilize a standard background check on every individual trying to purchase a weapon, but also some psychiatric tests should be ran to see if society is sane enough to handle concealed weapons or not. Stricter gun laws are going to make the underground gun market sky rocket, people aren’t going to want to go through a bunch of paper work and tests to get your gun, and gun license, when you can just buy a gun from someone off the street without a permit and get it cheaper. You’ll never be able to officially stop gun crimes in America, sure you can lower the crime rate, but we will always have murderers, and serial killers. The law can’t compete with the human mind’s motive to accomplish something, if someone wants to do something bad enough then they will do it, and get it done.

  59. Hannah says:

    I believe that if we have stricter gun laws then we would have less violence. This will solve the problem that’s happening recently in our history. When there are stricter gun laws, people who use them for the wrong purpose wouldn’t get a hold of the guns very easily. I know that by having gun laws people will feel a little bit more safer and would be great to put people at ease. Although if we have stricter gun laws then it might get some people angry but not all. I think stricter gun laws will improve having less violence.

  60. Olivia M says:

    I really don’t understand why creating stricter gun laws would be an issue. It seems like there’s a random shooting once a month now. The shootings in Colorado, in Wisconsin, and in Connecticut should serve as recent reminders of why action needs to be taken regarding gun control. The question is how can multiple shootings happen like that? Why haven’t stricter laws been passed? How do mentally unstable people end up with guns? Obviously the background checks are not thorough enough. When someone buys a gun, a background check should be done on the entire household, not just the buyer. I do not know the details of obtaining a gun, but from an outside perspective, it seems way too easy. The person who buys a gun may be sane, but what if there kid isn’t? The fact that anyone seems to be able to get a gun if they really want one is an issue. If no more guns were sold to the public, eventually the amount of guns would have to go down. I am aware that logically there are some situations where guns are necessary. For example, if you live in the middle of the woods, alone, surrounded by dangerous animals, having a gun seems logical. However, if you are living on the “wrong side of the tracks,” you should not have to own a gun for your own protection. Guns should not be used as a protection from other people. I know “people kill people,” but guns do make it a lot easier. I’m rambling here, but if nothing else, gun laws need to be stricter in some way.

  61. Tracy Y says:

    I feel as though stricter gun laws will only make for even more gun related crimes. It seems like people will try to find ways to fight against laws because they’ll try to rebel, or they will try feel like its taking away what’s rightfully theirs. They’ll find sneakier ways to get guns in their reach, even if it means obtaining them illegally. The issue with guns is the uses that people are using them for. Self defense, for example, is a legitimate reasons as to why people should use guns. Hunting, or any other type of past time, is not. Guns should be used only for legitimate reasons, and not because they feel obligated to own one.

  62. Lacey says:

    I think that making stricter gun laws would increase violence. In states that have stricter gun laws there is actually more violence, but states that have less gun laws there is less violence. I think it is because those who are actually committing crimes are doing it because of the gun laws. They feel that “Rules are meant to be broken” so the more there are, the more there are to break. It reminds me of kids, when you tell them not to do something it automatically makes them want to do it more. But once you tell them they can go ahead and do it, it almost takes away the fun in doing it. I think that guns are dangerous weapons and that people do need to be protected from them, but gun control laws don’t seem to be working so far.

  63. Clara says:

    It could go both ways. On one hand, stricter gun laws might drive a person to want to get a gun more and just try harder. On the other hand, it could help because it’s harder to get a gun, frustrating a person to not get one, therefore preventing some violence.

  64. Dylan Miner says:

    I think that making guns more illegal will do more harm than good. In cities such as new york and L.A. gang members have always been able to get their hands on automatic weapons and putting a ban on them will not stop them. the new law will pretty much leave the law abiding citizens with no protection from someone who breaks into his/her home with an automatic weapon.

    • Thomas M says:

      I don’t agree with you Dylan. I believe anyone who is not military or police should not own an automatic firearm. Civilians do not have the proper training in using automatic weapons. I also agree with you in the sense that making a ban would not stop the manufacturing of said guns nor would it deter people from obtaining them illegally.

  65. Tyler says:

    I agree that making stricter gun laws would increase the amount of gun violence. The people that want the guns are going to have them one way or another and they can’t just completely get rid of them. People are going to have them no matter what and use them no matter what the government says.

  66. Seth G says:

    Stricter gun laws really won’t help our situation all that much. The people who would suffer most from these laws are the citizens that obey the law. While these laws are taking guns away from law abiding citizens, there are others who will do whatever it takes to get a gun and use it for the wrong reasons

  67. Tim Bowers says:

    This topic makes me think back to the prohibition of alcohol. Even though Alcohol was completely banned and made illegal, certain individuals or groups found great success in creating, distributing, and many of those groups ended up controlling government officials causing corruption and wrong doings. Point is, no matter what legislation does about guns or weapons in the U.S. people will always find a way to do wrong….

  68. Christian says:

    Both sides have a strong argument, but overall I believe that making stricter gun laws won’t do anything but cause more trouble. Criminals will always try to find a way to get what they want, no matter what legislation stands in their way. A new law isn’t going to stop them.

  69. Sidney says:

    In my opinion, something needs to change. Criminals are criminals, if they want to kill, or break the law some how… they will find a way. I do think if you posses a gun, you need to have a background check. In school, I think some teachers should be allowed to have guns. But, the kids won’t know about it. The teacher will have to go through training and also a background check. The gun control laws don’t even work now, so something needs to be modified. People who have good morals and are right in the head deserve to be trusted with a gun for their safety. And safety of people around them. All in all, something needs to change.

  70. Nick Z says:

    In a nation made up of complex and diverse community types ranging from dense cities to isolated rural towns, it would be hard to agree upon significantly effective federal legislation dealing with gun controls in entirety. Different environments are home to different people with different views (many of which are probably conflicting, yet all true to some extent). Let’s say Joe lives in a small suburban town where the crime rate is low and gun violence is of little concern. Joe might not care much for gun restriction laws because the only people he knows with guns haven’t been any danger to society. In fact, Joe might wish to reserve gun rights! (After all, the aren’t causing him any harm). But what about John, who lives in the dangerous urban territory outside a big city where the crime rates are high and guns go along with murders? John probably wants fewer guns on the street. Even though some people might be using them safely (and even though some criminals might be able to find alternative weapons), he is justified in his concern. My point, in essence, is that while certain circumstances can lead people to desire certain legislation, it is important to simply consider and keep in mind the complexity of the situation at hand. With this complexity, I strongly encourage state level, or even more specific local law approaches. In other words, tailor gun law intensity to different areas.

    Keeping that in mind, what are the best options? Although it heavily depends on where you live, I think enforcement is the biggest issue. Background checks and consumer regulation legislation might be a good idea, but it won’t do a thing if the law isn’t enforced. At the moment, it is too easy for just about anyone to buy guns. “Anyone” is the biggest issue at hand. The government needs to decide on specific levels of responsibility, intelligence, and reliable citizenship (as well as ways to determine those) to incorporate into background checks.

    Since many guns are acquired illegally (bought legally, then sold illegally), it might also be a good idea to limit gun purchases (to stop people from buying and selling and buying and selling).

    What I have brought up might not cover everything, but I hope my thoughts are understandable/coherent.

  71. jennifer k says:

    even if we had stricter gun laws, it wouldn’t matter because people would still go and use guns and kill people. People should have the right to have a gun but to sell them to people for killing purposes and carrying them on the street isn’t right. If stricter gun laws were enforced people would still kill people so enforcing it wouldn’t make a difference

  72. christopher jones says:

    i think having more restricter gun laws will not reduce gun violence because there will be alot of more violence because people will go out and buy more guns and there will be alot more violenc e on the streets of any city.

  73. Anthony fretttyyyy says:

    i do not think that stricter gun laws will reduce the amount of gun violence. People are just going to have guns illegally and they are still going to be shooting and killing people. Also making stricter gun laws will make it a bigger case if someone is caught with a gun.

  74. Joshua L says:

    i think if we had stricter gun laws, people would still kill people, if they wanted to kill someone they would they would find away. People would still kill people with guns, because there are still tons of ten round mags and assult riffles, all the gun laws are doing is putting people out of work. But I do think they should make a law to not sell guns to the mentaly unstable.

  75. Matt Earl :D says:

    I think if we had a stricter gun law people would still break the law and kill people. I think in school maybe the teacher could have a gun hidden in there class. If the teacher was aloud to have a gun they should go throw training and get a back round check. I think stores should do back round checks on the people they are selling them to. The people that are buying them should have to go to a class to learn how to shot and be safe with the gun. I think the stores should be more careful about selling the guns and not sell them to the mentally unstable. But I don’t think people should be aloud to have guns on the street too.

  76. Sam P says:

    Although gun restrictions will decrease the amount of shootings, people would still go around shooting people so enforcing gun restrictions wouldn’t do very much.

  77. April-Grace says:

    I think that making guns illegal, would hurt the cause rather than help it. It is one of our rights in the constitution, that we are allowed to own and use guns. I think tightening gun laws may have a positive effect on gun violence, but you need to be careful about how you go about it. Some laws may help, while others may cause revolt.

    • Ryan Pippin says:

      I’m with you on this one April. I think that we can put restrictions on guns but I don’t think that will keep violence from happening. Some laws or restrictions will help but criminals are always going to try to get guns so the can rob or do what they want to do. We have the right to guns in the Constitution and I think we should be able to keep them but I think there should be some restrictions.

  78. Connor B. says:

    I don’t think that stricter gun laws will make a difference. Whether we have the laws or not people that decide to make these choices wont care about the other 2 or so, new laws that they are going to be breaking. They’re ultimate decision of killing someone or shooting at them, is already against the law. Why would they give a hoot about breaking a couple more.

    If that makes any sense..

  79. Emily Bruffy says:

    I think it won’t help at all. It’s just going to make the Americans mad because we are taking away our second amendment. There are many many people that have said “They will NOT get my firearms.” America will fight for our rights and what we believe in. If they take our guns, they won’t win.

    • Hannah says:

      I agree with you that it might not help out at all but stricter gun laws aren’t banning the guns for good. Even though Americans might be mad at least they know they can be safe in the society they live in. It might take away our second amendment but I would rather want to feel safe than to feel that everyone has easy access to guns. I do see where your going with this and this is that Americans should have to the freedom to have guns. I think stricter gun laws will still give Americans the freedom to having guns for the right purpose so they won’t just give the guns to just anyone.

  80. ashlynn says:

    I think that if we make stricter gun laws it will cause people to still kill people. Either way they would find a way to get weapons or they would use other things like knifes. I believe that all teachers should carry an armed weapon around with them at all times. People who are able to buy guns would go off and sell them to people and those people are the ones who aren’t aloud to have guns or any armed weapon.

  81. Claudia says:

    i think that if we ban guns it will be more kaotic, because guns would be way more valuable on the streets raising prices.

  82. Madelyn says:

    I think that creating stricter gun laws might reduce the gun violence because its going to be harder to get a gun and people wont want to buy a gun. An example of less gun violence is the state of California. They have stricter laws and they have less gun violence.

  83. tony says:

    i think if we ban guns, on the streets a new illegal buisness would be on the rise, making prices for guns more valuble as time goes on.

  84. melissa says:

    I think making guns illegal will help people think first before committing something that will lead them to jail. I think if people own a gun at home they should not use it unless its something really bad or something about violence. Some people think its cool to have guns in there homes or where ever they go. But its now really cool because if they get really mad they could go into a school or kill a student like what happen with the school and the students in it. Teachers at school should have a gun and know how to use it so they can be prepared for whats gonna come if it would and keep their students and them safe as well.

  85. Axell says:

    I don’t think that making the gun laws stricter will make any difference. There will always be a black market for everything and making the gun laws more strict will just make the People mad. In violence i don’t think it will make any difference, its people that kill people.

  86. Manny Garcia says:

    Both sides have a great argument but reducing gun laws can be a good thing. Such as states with less gun laws make it easier to purchase guns. Other states its much harder. Its great to regulate gun laws because that then it would be much harder to purchase a gun in states that have these stricter laws.

  87. Cheyanna F. says:

    I don’t think that making the gun laws more stricter will make the Americans more happy, instead they will be furious. I know most of my family don’t already like the gin laws that Obama is making. Americans don’t want the government to take away there freedom of owning guns. basically in a nut shell the government is taking away the second amendment! The right to bare arms.

    • Cody J. says:

      I agree that people will be pissed off. The government can’t touch the second amendment, and unfortunately it’s the one most Americans are overly defensive about.

    • Demi Smith says:

      I agree with you. I think it will upset people that their right to bear arms is being taken away.

    • Tracy says:

      Though it may be taking away the second amendment, why would we need to bear arms in the first place. We are using guns for recreational activities, and not self defense. Guns were made to be a defense weapon, not to shoot things whenever we feel like it. In this day and age, taking away guns would reduce the amounts of fatal crimes. Americans will be furious, but with the way things are progressing, they’ll find another topic to keep themselves busy with.

  88. Cody J. says:

    I do not believe that stricter gun control will aid in reducing crime. Gallup polls states that in 2011, 47% of Americans owned guns. Criminals are already obtaining guns illegally, and seemingly with great ease. If we can’t stop criminals from obtaining guns, then our only recourse it to give guns to those who wish to defend themselves from them. That, or we could just outlaw guns alltogether. I think that’s a neat idea, but America would never go for it.

  89. Demi Smith says:

    I don’t think making stricter gun laws will make a difference. Drugs are illegal and people still find a way to sell and use drugs. I think the same thing will happen if gun laws become stricter. I think it will encourage people to start selling guns illegally. People will be able to increase the price for a gun because they are no longer easily accessible.

  90. Jalezah S. says:

    I do think that reducing gun laws could reduce gun violence for many reasons. If there are less guns, many of the recent crimes that have happened could’ve been avoided. I’m not saying that all crimes are commited with guns but many of are young children lose their lives from the bullet of a gun. This website has reasons on how gun control could reduce crime,articleId-9923.html

  91. Alexis says:

    There needs to be a stricter law on gun control in America. Yes, the tragedies that have happened recently have been by men of poor mental health; however, the guns they were using should not be allowed in households. I believe President Obama should remove military weapons and firearms from households and stores nation-wide because of the threat they pose. We could be a safer, more protected country without these guns. People with these guns should only be people of military status or somewhere in the police work-force. It is not necessary for households to own these forms of guns. The law needs to be in place sooner than later. Because of the recent tragedies, America finds the need to own these guns to be protected. Well, if people didn’t own guns, this wouldn’t be an issue…

    • Loralyn says:

      I really do agree with you. America doesn’t need any more guns and gun deaths. However, the constitution states that people have the right to own guns and firearms. It kind of contradicts each other and makes it harder for the government to not allow people the right to guns. Having the U.S government go against the constitution and ban guns is very controversial. Then there are the people who want to hunt and make their living shooting animals for meals. It would suck for them if they had their guns taken and have to hunt using spears or something like an Native American Indian.

  92. Kevin B says:

    I believe that the culture surrounding guns in the United States should be changed. Many new laws should be implemented, such as stricter background checks, bans for unnecessary weapons such as assault rifles, and a much more firm education about the dangers of guns and the problems associated with them being in the wrong hands.

  93. Jesse Echevarria says:

    What makes you think that having stricter gun laws is going to stop people from getting guns? If someone really wants something, they are going to do everything in their power to do so. It has showed that placing bans on handguns will only make things worse. For example, there was a time period that was 33 years long in the state of Washington when they banned guns and were known as the murder capital of the nation… So what makes people think that if you put restrictions or bans on guns that it will make anything better?

  94. Natalia R says:

    Enforcing stricter gun laws will reduce the amount of gun violence. There are two types of people when we talk about gun control. Those who abide the law, and those who act against it. There will always be people who act against the law and taking guns away won’t make a difference in their mindset. However, enforcing a STRICTER approach to purchase and carry loaded weapons will make it harder for these law breakers to posses a gun. Stricter background checks will help the purchase of concealed weapons be more available those who are more likely to abide the law then to disobey it.

  95. Jake Johnson says:

    i personally do not agree with every part of the constitution, but for this country to not self implode, it must follow the already set rules put in place by our forefathers. The right to bear arms is a sacred right that is clearly stated in the bill of rights and should and so American citizens should have the right to carry guns. If somehow laws are passed preventing this basic constitutional right, protection as citizens from government oppression will be tainted.

  96. Samuel Farmer says:

    Stricter gun laws would not reduce gun-related violence, even though most shooters have obtained their weapons legally, this does not mean that there would be less shootings if they did not. The number of violent shootings in the US has increased over the last few years, but gun ownership is declining. This shows that gun ownership is not the cause of the problem, but the mental state of the shooter. In order to prevent these shootings, we should look at and treat the mental health of the people who show signs of a shooter.

  97. Austin V. says:

    Stricter gun laws will not promote public safety, but will however do the opposite. Someone with the goal to kill already has an obvious disregard to the laws set forth by our government regarding murder. The penalty for breaking these laws also has a much higher penalty than any laws controlling firearms would be. This article claims that 270 million guns are owned nationwide which makes the elimination of firearms an impossible task. A person motivated enough will always find a way to achieve their goal, however dark it may be.

  98. Derek Borgeson says:

    Our country is very unsure of how to handle the recent gun control crisis. Tightening the belt on firearm sales may be the best way to deal with the situation. If a criminal or someone with a mental condition that could classify them as a psychopath or a possible mass murderer can easily walk into a gun shop and purchase an assault rifle then we need to seriously consider revising our laws pertaining to gun control.

  99. Nikki Leone says:

    I strongly believe that making gun control laws stricter will restrict gun violence. Not necessarily take away all rights of owning a gun, but nowadays it is so easy for anyone to get their hands on a firearm. I feel that there should be background searches for everyone who desires to buy a gun. Gun advocates believe that this is not right because its violating “the right to bear arms”. When in reality this is not necessarily the case. It is just making the right to bear arms safer for everyone.

  100. Emmy Silberstein says:

    having stricter gun laws can only benefit society. guns and ammo should not be aloud to be sold on the inter. also I believe that everyone who is looking to purchase a gun or who owns a gun should have to take some sort of legitimate psychoanalysis test, what I mean by legitimate is, having to go to a certified psychologist and take an exam to prove you are not crazy, in psychological standings. the government should have some say on the type of gun bought, and the seller should have to be in connection with the government. net.

    • Arianna R. says:

      people can cheat on those test all the time. It’s why they don’t ever do lie detector tests because people can cheat on those to. Taking a “crazy test” won’t work. They shouldn’t make more strict gun laws because it will make things worse.

  101. Brandon Bowling says:

    i don”t think making stricter gun control laws would make a difference because majority of the guns that are purchased are from black market dealers and that making stricter laws can’t do anything about how some people will get there guns. I think the main issue with these gun related violence that has been going on is with mental illness and not the actual guns but the people that are getting a hold of the guns.

  102. Alex Hansgen says:

    I think that our whole country has gone pretty overboard with gun control. I think firearms sales should be regulated but we shouldn’t be treating guns like they’re some sort of taboo. The fact that a kid got suspended for having a Poptart that had a bite taken out of it making it gun shaped is ridiculous. If a nut job wants to get a gun he’s going to find a way to get one all we’re doing is making it harder for people to have a licensed gun in their homes. We should probably get the capital letter L taken out of the alphabet too because it kind of looks like a pistol if you turn it sideways.

  103. Trevor G says:

    I think that stricter gun laws may make the U.S a little more safer. A person can accidentally shoot off a gun and may kill someone along with someone who deliberately shoots someone. But on the other side you have a hunter who only uses guns for sport. Its a touchy subject but I believe that they should still make the gun laws stricter.

  104. Samuel K. says:

    We often say in our society, “Guns don’t kill people, people do.” I don’t completely agree with that statement. While it is the person pulling the trigger that ends the other person’s life, the gun enables them to do it. I am all for stricter gun control laws across the board. Thorough background checks and mental health checks are something I believe we should make more of a priority when issuing firearms. That being said, people who kill others aren’t exactly inclined to following the law. Violence will always be a problem in the world, but we can try to reduce the toll it takes on our society if we are responsible and take charge.

  105. Nick says:

    Stricter gun laws wouldn’t reduce violence. Regardless if things are stopped by the government, people will find ways around laws to get what they want. The central issue around this problem is that we limit citizens.

  106. To me, I think that guns even if prohibitied by the state/ country for certain people to contain them in their possession would make the number of guns go down, but the want for them reach an ultimate high. Most people that want a gun are for the safety of themselves or their families. People kill people, not the guns. Mentally unstable men or women take out their problems on other people by killing them. So, if you take the guns away, the demand for them on the black market will raise extremely and it wont really make a difference. I do dissagree with the use of guns for any reason but for self defense, but deleting them except for certain hand picked people would take away one of the rights of the constitution. So, in a way I agree and disagree.

  107. Robert Jones says:

    i think we need to tighten guns control and enforce it or someone might get killed just like newtown and that girl and there’s been more deaths by guns than anything else. i wish they could just put background checks in gun shows and gun shops.

  108. Loralyn says:

    I have seen articles and read different articles about gun laws and I believe that stricter gun laws do not reduce gun violence. However, in some cases it can. Depending on the person or people someone can secretly disobey these laws and conceal their illegal firearm and not get caught. If the gun laws were more freeing and looser then more people would have more guns which causes less people to want to cause trouble. It only makes sense that if everyone had a gun then the less likely it is people would want to mess with them. Again it all depends on the peoples intention to disobey laws and how strict the laws are.

  109. Derik O. says:

    Gun control law arent going to do anything with gun violence. Just like making drugs illegal wont make people do them. If people really want to hurt/kill somebody they will find a way to do so. Laws really wont help anything at this point some people are violent and thats that.

  110. Caleb Cox says:

    “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” I agree with this statement in great length. There are other ways to kill a person such as bombs, stabbings, strangling, and many more any person could think of. Even if we do tighten up the reigns on the gun restriction, think about it… many criminals don’t buy weapons legally especially if they have already committed a firearms related crime they use other means of getting it such as the black market. Which means normal families wouldn’t be able to have a gun for saftey if it takes a long process and criminals would have just as many guns as before so that’s just leaving civilians open for criminals to murder or threaten them with firearms.

  111. michael barnett says:

    Would stricter gun laws reduce gun-related violence? Why or why not? What is the central issue around this problem? well here is what i say to that, honestly i don’t think so. the reason why i believe this is because there will still be weapons and such so there will still be violence. so making it harder to get guns wouldn’t do anything, matter of fact i think that it would be a bad thing because then some people couldn’t protect themselves.

  112. Kailee K says:

    In my opinion, strict gun laws don’t necessarily create conflict with the constitution. In the Second Amendment, people have the right to bear arms and stricter gun laws don’t interfere with it. As long as the stricter gun laws affect the right people, it may have more of a positive impact on gun violence. If stricter gun laws were placed on the wrong people, it may lead to an outbreak of gun violence and angry people. Here is a link to my infographic that talks about gun ownership in the U.S.

  113. dustin says:

    i don’t think Stricter gun laws will help anything! because you cant blame the guns on the crazy people using them wrong. its like blaming a car for a drunk driver!

  114. Austin Crookshanks says:

    as the thoughts of these teriable shootings happen the fist thng i think is bad parents making bad choices for there kids.with letting there kids play video games and how the punish there kids and how they treat them. kids should not be playing war games they should be playing in the back yard. now back to the gun laws i agree with having bakground checks should be mandatory. and the mag rules should not a effect. sombody can do as much damage with a road flare and a propane tank. and to what the president says he needs to look at how hisfamily is affected by guns like how he under 24hr protection. i should not be regulated for my guns and my ammunition because some phsyco gets ahold of a gun and decides to massacere a school. my guns are used toprotect my house to put food on the table. so i should not be effectd by other actions

  115. I think that stricter gun laws is useless because criminals already own guns and nothing will stop them from getting a gun so I think stricter gun laws are piontless, and anyways regular people already own guns and we don’t shoot people so why should we be punished for there stupid actions.

  116. Austin Crookshanks says:

    as the thoughts of these teriable shootings happen the fist thng i think is bad parents making bad choices for there kids.with letting there kids play video games and how the punish there kids and how they treat them. kids should not be playing war games they should be playing in the back yard. now back to the gun laws i agree with having bakground checks should be mandatory. and the mag rules should not a effect. sombody can do as much damage with a road flare and a propane tank. and to what the president says he needs to look at how hisfamily is affected by guns like how he is under 24hr protection. i should not be regulated for my guns and my ammunition because some phsyco gets ahold of a gun and decides to massacere a school. my guns are used toprotect my house to put food on the table. so i should not be effectd by other actions.

  117. Alex says:

    I don’t think haveing stricter gun control would stop the crimnals from killing people. They would simply use something else!

  118. cole says:

    i do believe there should be stricter gun laws for the reason that crazy people can buy them but i agree with “guns dont kill people…….people kill people” but no i dont think that it would “reduce” them

  119. Tyler says:

    Regardless of if there are stricter gun laws, criminals are still going to get ahold of and use guns. How about we enforce the laws we do have tothe fullest extent because more laws arent going to do anything besides keep guns out of the hands of good people.

  120. Qtip says:

    Of course not. No matter what we do, people who are focused on killing someone can get a gun. All a gun control law would do is make it harder for the good citizen to get a gun to protect themselves. Not only should this idea go away but we should reduce gun control.

  121. Tyler says:

    I don’t think gun laws will really do anything then create more laws that not everyone will follow. Just because you put more laws on guns it isn’t going to do anything. It’s just like illegal drugs. Everyone knows they are illegal, but that doesn’t stop millions of Americans from doing illegal drugs.

  122. Lexi Pb says:

    I think that the gun law will not really help. It might help a tiny bit but just because something is illegal doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen anymore. I agree that most of these crime sprees have happened because of mental illness. The victims at Sandy Hook were killed by a man who had psychological issues. He shouldn’t have had a gun but still, he probably would’ve done something else. I feel like we put so much focus into the gun part that we don’t even think about the other factors.

  123. Olivia says:

    Stricter gun laws will reduce gun violence but it does not matter because if people do not have guns they use something else and it does not have to be a weapon. Criminals use all kinds of things. You want to reduce gun violence but that will not help reduce violence so why bother to change the law so we have more strict gun laws. We are still going to have violence anyway.

  124. Teresa says:

    I think that reducing gun laws will not help because as they explained in the article, that there are a lot of people with mental issues. When people have mental issues that just means that they arent fully aware of all their actions. So no matter what people arent going to be listening to what the government has to say because they dont even have their own thoughts just like drugs. People still do drugs no matter and they sneak it even though they arent suppose to have it but do you think that stops them from getting it? No, because it exactly the same with all guns and drugs.

  125. Haxorr Masterr says:

    I feel our gun laws could be stricter, it seems a little too easy to get a gun. Pretty much anyone can get one right now, and I don’t like the idea of soccer mom’s owning guns in their homes with children. However, I don’t think we should just completely outlaw guns or make it illegal to own or use them, because let’s face it, criminal’s don’t follow laws. They will find ways to get guns to use for their own crimes, and no one will be able to defend themselves from them. Their only method of defense will be running away. So keep gun laws strict, but not so strict that no good people could own one.

  126. Gino Videche says:

    No, it would not help. A lot of gun violence is caused by people’s insanity, and we can’t change that no matter what we do. If we imprison one insane person, then another pops up and is the suspect of gun violence. People are still going to commit the violent acts.

  127. Kevin M says:

    Creating stricter gun laws might reduce gun violence, but it won’t stop it. Especially with the recent gun violence events that have happened, it’s become very serious. The stricter gun laws will make people more aware of the consequences, but there are also people who will commit these crimes anyway.

  128. Rachel says:

    I think strict gun control won’t help with violence. When I was a kid and my parents told me not to do something or took something away, it made me want it more than before. If the government takes away the freedom of gun possession than the people will rebel and want their guns more. Also, what makes the government think they can prevent gun violence by making a rule, if they haven’t noticed, so many of their rules are broken daily. The central issue with gun control is not something we can’t fix, the problem is the people. There are people out there who use their guns responsibly and handle them with care, but there are people who use guns to hurt and kill. The problem is cruelty and evil inside people’s heart and that can never be fixed.

    • Ashley Gooselaw says:

      I agree. I don’t think gun control will really help cope with violence. If people are restricted from having guns it will cause rebellion because that will make people want them more. I think there has to be different standards as of how their used and etc.

  129. Anna says:

    Gun control laws are irrelevant, Its just going to make people more mad and they are going to continue owning guns anyway, just angry gun owners which doesn’t lead to anything good. Also, one of the main reasons for owning a gun is safety for themselves and their family.

  130. Melissa says:

    I think they should enforce gun laws. But I agree with Tyler, the criminals will still get a hold of the guns. If the law gets stricter then less people will have guns which will cause less violence but either way some criminals will find a way to get a hold of guns.

  131. Schyler says:

    Restricting Gun laws will honestly not really do anything to change the safety in our societies. People will always have guns, and there will always be death. If we make guns illegal, it doesn’t mean criminals will stop killing or using guns.

  132. Andru says:

    I dont think stricter gun laws will protect us because people still have ways of getting guns. It is also not the guns fault that lots of people die every year, it is the holder of the gun that makes the decision to kill.

  133. Jocelyn says:

    Making and passing laws for stricter gun control will not reduce gun-related violence in our country. There are always going to be people who are ignorant, stupid, and cruel. Do you really think that those people abide by the gun laws in the first place? Stricter gun laws will only effect the people who take care of their possesions.

  134. Rebekah says:

    I think that if we had stricter gun control laws it wouldn’t make things better. It may actually make things worse.This would be because the people that have been using the guns for the wrong reasons are going to find a way to get them anyway. As for the people who use guns for the right reasons they wont be getting guns in illegal ways so they will have no way to protect themselves.

  135. Paul says:

    By making stricter gun laws, I think there will be less deaths. 61% of gun violence occur with suicide. Only 30% are homicides. So if you take away the weapon, suicide will less likely occur.

  136. Marvin says:

    Stricter gun laws would mean harder ways to obtain guns, but it would still be possible to obtain them. The people most likely to hurt others would still be able to obtain these guns, it would just be harder. Human instinct has and will overcome the challenges it faces, examples like flight, electronics, light are a few examples. It would reduce the gun violence, but not for long.

  137. Arianna R. says:

    I think gun laws should stay the same. If they become more strict then people will want guns more because people want what they can’t have. Remember when alcohol was illegal? Remember how great that worked out? Well it didn’t. Gangs like the mafia started and sold alcohol illegally. I would like to think that if there were more strict gun laws that things would get better but the won’t. Things will only get worse and a new mafia would be born.

  138. joshw says:

    Many people are saying that a law isn’t going to stop anyone that wants to perform an act of violence but we need to realize that no problem can be resolved completely or discussed in absoloutes. The focus here doesn’t seem to be about powerful people commiting crimes, but about common people commiting crimes. A simple law can and will prevent the average citizen from abusing their rights because they do not have the resources to get these weapons otherwise.

  139. Lafawnda says:

    So I thank striter gun laws wil not reduce gun vilence. Peopl can get guns ilegaly nd they wil use em. so peopl gon die. nough said….

  140. Nathan M says:

    I do believe that the gun control is very stupid because it’s not the guns that are the problem sometimes there the solution. It’s not the stupid guns that cause the problem it is the stupid gun owners that cause the problem.

  141. Lafawnda says:

    mkay so i thank striter gun laws will not reduce gun vilence. peopl can get guns ilegaly nd they will use em. nd peopl gon die. nough said….

  142. Naz says:

    I do think there’s a need for stricter gun control after resent events. I feel that us Americans are taking advantage of our rights but even if we do get stricter gun laws we can’t be positive it would work for sure. Many people around the world have guns even though their not supposed to and use them for the wrong reasons. So there’s not a 100% chance anything would make a difference but we could always try.

  143. David says:

    I think that alot of gun controls are mostly focused on fear but many shootings have happened without fear being involved. I also think that people in all states should be able to carry hidden weapons. This will allow less raps, shootings, and robberies because criminals wont know who is packing.

  144. Zelalem says:

    I honestly don’t know what we should do about gun control. I mean if we keep things the way they are, then there will be more mentally ill people involved with shootings (despite the fact that Adam Lanza wasn’t legal allowed to own a gun), but if we make restrictions then people will use knives, a much more available accessory, and if get rid of that then we’ll have hammers, then after that people will have nothing and they’ll just strangle each other.

  145. Faith R. says:

    I disagree with additional laws that prevent the law biding citizen from owning their guns. Althought laws to ensure the customers are acceptable, responsible buyers. Such as stricker background checks.

  146. haylie s says:

    i think that we should be able to have guns but have better backround checks. I also think that teachers should not have guns even though they could save us from a crazy person, a student could get the gun and be a even bigger threat.

  147. Simon C. says:

    :33 I think that our gun laws are just strickt enough to ensure that no one is hurt by our guns and any one who tries to hurt people with guns is crazy . That is why we have background checks.

  148. Alex G says:

    it doesn’t matter if we have strict gun laws or no gun laws. People who want a gun can still get a gun. Just like somebody who wants drugs, can get drugs. If we make guns hard to get, people will get guns. There will always be killers out there, and nothing can stop them from what they want.a

  149. Nick says:

    i think that every body is freaking out about the gun laws even if you put a vary strict gun law out there the peopel that abuse guns in the first place would still end up abuseing the laws and get guns still no matter what you do about it i feel that you should just have a better curfus hour or something to watch them.

  150. naiomi says:

    I dont think teachers should have guns at school because anything could happen but it also has to depnd on the teacher and if they think its a good idea.but if someone was to go on a school campus with a gun threatnenung evrybody than we should just hide.but guns can be a good thing or a bad just depends on what the situation is.

  151. Samantha P. says:

    My opinion is that most people DO take advantage of their gun rights but that doesnt mean people need to be going around shooting innocent people. I believe that the guns are not what kill people but it is the person behind the gun. If you’re going to own a gun, you should know how to use it correctly

    • Lia says:

      I agree. You should know how to use the gun properly and not abuse its use by shooting innocent people. You have a right to bear arms that doesn’t imply the right to kill people

  152. Max says:

    I think that stricter gun laws would prevent alot of deaths and injuries, but it would have a down side to it. It would take away the right to protect ourselves and others from danger. It would be a violation to our constitution, and to our way of life.

  153. mo h says:

    I feel safer NOT having a gun in my home. In fact more people end up hurt if they have guns in their house. I dont have anything against guns it is just that i feel like they arent a necessity. Its not in my background to hunt or use guns at all, and i know that other people feel differently but it doeant really bother me either way. I feel it should be the decision of the holder.

  154. Byron says:

    Guns are dangerous, but also great for personal defense.
    I strongly belive that the goverment should be strict on the
    the gun control, because anyone could just get mad or somehow
    Be on a bad mood, and just pick up a gun and shoot you. By my
    experince its scary living next to some one with AK-47s, cause you
    never know what could happen. So reducing guns to civilians will reduce
    dangers alot. It just will feel safer.

  155. Caitlin P. says:

    I believe that this whole situation is pretty stupid and pointless. If we want to kill a corrupt tree we must start at the roots. Get rid of the guns and you get rid of most of th problems. Yes there are always other ways to get guns but this will help control it more. :0(

  156. jovani says:

    I think having guns is a positive and negative thing because for example if someone was home alone and a person broke in trying to kill that person the person could defend it self and negative because they can accidently hurt them selfs.

  157. Casandra M. says:

    I feel that if they do put more gun laws that it will be really bad. They will only restrict people that can use guns wisely use them. People that will use them for bad things will still be able to get their hands on guns. No matter what they will somehow get guns.

  158. Meg.R says:

    If gun control became more strick, it wouldnt really mater because people would still find a way to get guns. But i also think it would not be wise for anybody to get a gun whenever they want. If a criminal really wanted to get a gun they would. But then again a gun can protect you from a robber or a murderer that enters your home.

  159. Aaron says:

    I think laws on guns should be more strict. If a safer way and longer waiting time it wont take away an americans right to guns it will just make it safer. I personally hunt and love guns but in a recreational way. I dont think it is necassary for people to own a gun in a non recreational way unless kept in a safe or secure area. Guns should have more restrictions on where they are kept and who can use them. If someone is a criminal and would pass a background check they have lost their right, i believe, to ever be near a gun. I think there should be a class you mist take to own a gun.

  160. Elijah says:

    I believe that stricter gun laws will reduce gun violence because not only will people be scared to even pull out there guns in public they will not use them to do any harm.

  161. DD says:

    Stricter gun laws, in my opinion would decrease the amount of violence including guns. With not many having a gun, it would stop people form even threatening about it because, they would know they really don’t have one.

  162. Kevin says:

    I dont think that making stricter gun laws will reduce crime. People will find ways to get guns. Guns are illegal in Mexico and yet the cartel buys firearms from surrounding countries.

  163. Willie says:

    I believe that enforcing stricter gun laws is a necessity to help prevent the violence that is going on today. Now this will make it harder for criminals to get guns , but it also is somewhat making it harder for Americans to get a firearm for self defense purposes.

    • Shainah Alcorn says:

      Yes i agree with this ,because it will stop crimes and violence from happening around the world and having innocent people get killed for no reason and having guns being difficult to get.

  164. Jaylin says:

    I think that there should be stricter gun laws. Yes! People have the right to use them but looking at the situations that we have now, we should really consider restricting guns. Guns cause pain and death, but if they are locked up and kept of of peoples hands we can live in a better enviorment.

  165. Jessica says:

    I do think stricter gun laws will reduce violence because it will make guns more difficult to access and put restraints on those who already own one.

  166. Mercy M-b says:

    I believe that putting stricter laws on guns would only increase the amount of illegal guns. Having more illegal guns will increase the number of homicides. I agree that people like guns, and having an amendment that allows people in the united states the ability to own and protect themselves with gun prevents more crimes from happening because if the knowledge that people have guns gets out no one will want to commit crimes.

  167. Sabrina Calderon says:

    Having stricter gun rules will reduce gun related violence over time. It wouldn’t reduce the violence automatically, it takes time. Honestly, when people now things are illegal they are tempted to use it even more, but that doesn’t mean everyone makes that choice. Indivisuals in our society are wanting the best for themselves, and if they know reducing ways of harming their families or children means limiting gun use then people will respect it. will it start contoversy? of course, but doesn’t everything else? standing up for what we believe in makes us stronger and more independent human beings, and if we all come to an agreement, eventually our society will be content of the lower percentage of gun use over time.

  168. Bryan says:

    I think that stricter gun laws will prevent the use of guns from civilians. Therefore it will reduce gun violence. But that still is not going to stop all other crimes. Criminals still have other means of violence. But making stricter laws will reduce any gun related crimes.

  169. Gabrielle says:

    All of us know about the tragic shooting in Connecticut that has had a big impact on whether there needs to be stricter gun laws, but I believe that everyone needs protection and if no one owned guns anymore, they wouldn’t have a good way of self defense if the person was in a life threatening situation, such as another person trying to hurt them. So I don’t think that stricter laws would have an affect on the violence, in my opinon.

  170. A.E.Smith says:

    I dont think stricter gun control laws will reduce gun violence. Its not the guns that kill people, its all the crazy people that do.

  171. Richard A says:

    I think that having stricter gun laws would have some affect but people will still be able to find guns easily and illegally.

  172. Skyler Cotton says:

    I think we need to not have automatic weapons and Machine guns.They are too dangerous and they kill way more people than a shotgun.I think people should only own shotguns at thier home for protection.The only people who should have machine guns is the military and people fighting in the war.

  173. Damian M says:

    I disagree with the additional gun laws. I DO agree with the current laws in place. I think that (some) of the shootings, be it at SH or otherwise, could have been solved with a little extra security. One thing that the NRA proposed to do was train people with concealed carry permits to stand infront of schools as armed guards, in a sence. I believe that this would be a good and reasonable solution.

  174. TylerDahRussian says:

    I think that gun laws dont solve anything with because theres always ways around laws.

  175. Erik W. says:

    I think that automatics should be band but other gun laws shoud be remived such as you need a permit to carry a gun on you which should be revoked because since some people dont abide those laws but law abiding citizens do so they lose. The line that says that guns dont do the killing its the people that do.

  176. Mojo Cabana says:

    I believe that no matter what there will always be someone with access to guns who snaps and starts shooting. Stricter gun laws will only make less chance that someone will have access to guns but it won’t change the problems they have and the way they feel. I think gun laws should stay the same unless EVERYONE is going crazy and goes out and shoots someone.

  177. Adriana.M says:

    I think that stricter gun laws would reduce violence and gun crimes.

  178. amerio,nick says:

    I disagree strongly for the fact of the people who are messed up shot people, arent everyone sothat the are making it harder for the law abiding citezn to get a firearms
    for hunting and shooting for fun.

  179. Adam H says:

    i belive that a criminal will find a way to get a gun no matter what if they want one, and if it was easier to have a gun it would be easier to protect eachother.

  180. Adriana.M says:

    I think that stricter gun laws would reduce violence and gun crimes. Most of the guns used in crimes were liscened but i still feel like it would be better if we have stricter gun laws

  181. Allie w. says:

    I think that some certain specific things should be addressed such as mental stability as well as previous records should be looked at and addressed before the person should be given a firearm other than that I think they should stay the same as they are now.

  182. Katie Meow says:

    I don’t think stricter gun laws will reduce gun violence because if guns are illegal, if you really want them you can get them, and having laws won’t stop crazy people from breaking them.

  183. Troy W says:

    I think that weapons including assault rifles, handguns, shotguns, and other firearms should not be able to be carried in homes or on youraelf legally. The only time firearms shouod be carried is when hunting and to assure that people do not take the guns with them is to keep them in hunting lodges like England which has one of thr lowest death rates by guns in the world. Yes i do beleive their should be much stricter gun laws.

  184. Fayth W. says:

    In my opinion, I believe that they should still keep the 2nd Amendment but you should only be able to own a gun that can protect you from an intruder. Having stricter gun laws could reduce gun violence in the US. I but in contreary, if there are more atrict gun laws, it may have people rebel more. Personally i think that peoble need guns because if no one had guns then there wouldnt be any use of protection in a life threatening situation.

  185. Larry S. says:

    I don’t think that stricter gun laws would reduce gun violence. The people who would carry out a violent act already have a weapon. Stricter laws would only make it harder for a law-abiding citizen to acquire a firearm to defend their life and personal property. I don’t understand why people are clamoring for background checks if, in California, you already have to pay a fee for a background check and wait for a long period of time to pick up your gun. Fully automatic rifles and pistols should be illegal for anyone not of law enforcement or the armed forces to have in their possession. In case of a ground war things would change and I believe we should hand them out for citizens to protect their lives and personal property. However, semi automatic rifles and pistols should be legal to own and carry with a concealed carry permit. Ammunition clips should be limited, and at least half of the capacity of an ammunition clip of a law enforcement weapon.
    A good person with a weapon will be the only thing stopping a bad person with a weapon. You can not talk someone out of carrying out a shooting. If they have already harmed people, it falls upon the law enforcement or a citizen to shoot them down.

  186. Maria says:

    I think that we should have tighter gun laws, but not sell them to the mentally unstable. Its in our constitution.

  187. Corey says:

    I don’t think that a gun control law would help gun violence because criminals still will break the law. So the criminals will still use the guns, which means the gun law won’t work. Criminals would use guns more than now just because it’s a law.

  188. Rory m. says:

    Could stricter gun laws reduce gun violence? I strongly believe that more strict gun laws would reduce gun violence for the most part due to the fact that reducing the ammount of guns out there as well as how easily one could obtain a gun. Many people worry that if they don’t have a gun, their safety would be affected but, I believe that if a criminal cannot obtain a gun then you would not need one to protect yourself.

  189. Justin Stewart says:

    Yes and no: there would still be mentally unstable people out there, and peronally, I would rather get shot than get lye dumped down my throut and a blade in my gut, so yes, gun related murder would decrease, but there would be an increase in more creative and brutal murders.

    • Hank Smith says:

      I feel the point of this law is to make guns harder to get so criminals have a harder time getting guns and therefore the violence is reduced. And abaout the creative and brutal murders im sure its easier to pull a trigger than to have stab someone to death or strangle them or whatever. So i feel maybe people would have harder times murdering people if not with a gun

  190. Camille MacDonald says:

    I have mixed feelings. I don’t want crazypeople to have access to guns, but I also believe people have a right to arm themselves.

  191. Jose says:

    I dont think that stricter gun laws would prevent violence. I think this because if you think about it people will still be able to get access to guns and keep killing people. With stricter gun laws you may be able to reduce gun violence but overall there will still be alot of violence

  192. jose says:

    guns dont kill the peole who pull the trigger kill

  193. shanda wang says:

    i think we need to keep guns for a law.not only for keep the society safety,but also to keep us safe.

  194. Devin H. says:

    I believe that stricter gun laws would definitely decrease the amount of gun violence. Stricter gun laws would make it harder for criminals to acquire firearms so that would mean less gun violence would occur.

  195. Billy C says:

    I think it’s interesting that the NRA claims that the killings are caused by mentally deranged individuals and not guns. As if a mentally deranged individual could kill 27 people with his bare-hands without being stopped.

    It’s true that guns don’t autonomously kill people, but a firearm makes killing significantly easier, especially when talking about mass murder.

    However, I’m not completely sure that stricter gun laws would reduce gun violence because it could encourage and popularize black market or under the table gun sales. Legally sold guns can be tracked whereas illegal guns are untraceable.

  196. Michael P says:

    Although stricter gun laws may help reduce the amount of criminals, criminals ARE the people who break the law. Background checking/screening is very important, yet the availability to these arms poses the biggest threat. Although guns don’t necessarily kill, but rather the people who own guns, guns are still far too easy to obtain. We need to reduce the amount of gun sales, and provide background checks to ensure that “crazy” people do not have access to such endangering tools. New gun laws should certainly be applied as soon as possible, but there will be a need for more action. Gun violence will be reduced, but we need to find a solution to our nation’s violence.

  197. Tigris Truasia says:

    I don’t think that stricter laws will reduce gun violence, there will just be more illegal gun activity

  198. akil stewart says:

    no because if its still gang violence its going to be gun violence

  199. Lyndsey says:

    Stricter gun laws would definitely decrease gun violence due to the fact that less guns would be in circulation. The central issue is that so many guns are in circulation that they can’t be tracked.

  200. Odell D. says:

    I think that stricter gun laws will reduce the amount of killing by people with mental disabilities but not the amount of killing on the streets because people who are killing on the streets have guns illegally. The issue around gun violence is that people are killing one another over something stupid.

  201. Ashley says:

    I personally don’t think that making gun laws more strict will reduce gun violence. If anything, people are going to want to rebel even more against the law and many people today already bare arms and use guns illegally. Alot of people turn to guns because it is the most common way to hurt someone from a distance without being caught easily.

  202. Camille says:

    I think that gun laws will make a difference, but it is hard to say that it will reduce it significantly. I think that since we live in a society surrounded by guns it is hard to reduce the violence because, unfortunately, we have become accustomed to it. Gun laws will reduce the violence, but not as much as people would like to believe. We want to believe that it will make the deaths related to guns go do significantly, but most people have guns so we have just become used to the deaths.

  203. Kevin L says:

    Stricter gun laws would reduce the amount of people who have guns. But aren’t many killings and guns on the street done by guns that are already illegal? I also agree we should try to deal with mental instability and people who might be likely to commit a mass killing.

  204. Miriam says:

    I think that stricter gun violence wouldn’t reduce gun-related violence because if a person really wants to kill someone they can easily buy a gun from the black market. I dont know what the central issue is.

  205. Tyler Valentino says:

    i think that stricter gun laws would make a difference, however i dont think it would stop killings. I can understand why somebody would like to have a small handgun or maybe a rifle in their house for self defense against intruders or whatever. However i do not understand why a law abiding citizen needs an assault weapon, only SWAT teams and Marines should have high powered rifles like that.

  206. Justyce Key says:

    I do not think that making more strict gun laws will prevent gun violence. It is very hard to patrol guns so it would be pointless, people are going to do what they want to. Maybe if there was some type of tracking device on the guns, it’d work.

  207. Isadora M. says:

    I think that stricter gun laws might reduce gun violence simply because there would be fewer guns.

  208. xavier says:

    I think the stricter laws wont hurt, so why not? At that point you know if they are effective or not.

  209. Juan Figueroa says:

    I think that stricter gun laws would allow more gun crimes to be committed and less people be able to defend themselves. I think it is counter productive because criminals dont follow gun laws but your taking them away from those who can defend themselves.

  210. Tommy Rodriguez says:

    Stricter gun laws with slow down the gun issue but it will NOT completely stop it. Guns may be band all over the U.S but one way or another people will get them. People who have that mentality will not slow them down.

  211. raimundo says:

    I doubt that stricter gunlaws would help alot. Most of the people with guns who kill in suburbs didnt get the guns legally. Theyre intention isn’t always just self defense either. The issue is mental stability of people.

  212. Nelson massengale says:

    Stricter gun laws wouldn’t reduce problems because criminals would still find access to guns, taking away guns wouldn’t transforms killers to not kill, it would be the factor that reduces problems because people will still find ways to kill and hurt people.

  213. Jeffrey Lant says:

    I think having stricter gun laws would reduce violence, a simple background check would ensure that guns did not enter the hands of thousands on criminals all over the united states

    • Khairiah Alrobaidi says:

      I agree with what you said but criminals do have their ways to get a gun if they need to. But that would be a good start.

  214. Austin Davison says:

    I believe that making stricter guns laws to own a gun wont reduce the violence because of the black market that would allow anyone to purchase a gun with no background check or any waiting. There will always be someone out there selling guns illegally and also I believe that criminals with guns get there guns mostly illegally anyways.

  215. Breona Eskridge says:

    I feel like stricter gun laws would reduce the gun violence. Guns don’t kill , people do.

  216. Bertagnole says:

    We need stricter gun control laws, specifically we need laws that restrict accessibility of weapons and ammunition. The laws we have in place make it easier for an 18 year old student to get a gun licence than a driver’s licence. Too many youth and deranged people have access to weapons that they shouldn’t. The sandy hook shooting was done my a mentally challenged boy which could have been prevented if his parents, who knew he was agressive, weren’t allowed to own a gun because they have a special needs child.

  217. River Motley says:

    I believe that gun violence will go down with stricter laws against them but just like with the war on drugs you cant defeat a problem with just outlawing it because if it funds illegal activities the gangstas will find a way of getting what they want. The central issues many children fall victim to gun violence in schools and communities were they should be safe.

  218. Rolf Crudupt II says:

    I feel that it wouldn’t make a difference..You can make the laws stricter, but that doesn’t stop the people from doing what they have been doing with gun miscellaneous ish. I doesn’t scare them because to them, as long as I dont get caught its gucci..Plus the laws in place now dont help any, because theres still violence. “Violence begets more violence”, it wont stop..The laws wont stop it so life goes on, and the crimes keep happening, the innocent keep suffering

  219. Brenda Alejo says:

    I don´t thinks that making a strict law about guns would not make it different because there are a lot of the event had happened with the guns like gang wars or that murder people but I don´t know why people use the guns to kill innocent people that they have nothing to do with that person but it still violence every day.

  220. geoffrey says:

    I think its important to regulate gun use and have a better tracking system for small firearms. I think another major issue that goes along with it is mental health of people and making sure that they get help.

  221. Courtney Young says:

    I dont think stricter gun laws will help vilonce.Anyone can own a gun.Everyone that has a gun is not. Violent.Guns are used for protection and safety.However ensuring that people who buy guns dont gave criminal backgrounds is in my opinion a good way to decrese gun violence.

  222. Courtney Y1 (West Jeff) says:

    .. I dont think stricter gun laws will help vilonce.Anyone can own a gun.Everyone that has a gun is not. Violent.Guns are used for protection and safety.However ensuring that people who buy guns dont gave criminal backgrounds is in my opinion a good way to decrese gun violence.Reply

  223. Shainah Alcorn says:

    Yes if it was stricter gun laws because the high crimes rates would go down and it will be a lot harder to get a gun by itself. The central issues around this problem is that it’s easy to get a guns and that needs a change.

  224. maliksuarezburton says:

    I feel stricter gun laws would create more chaos in poor communities because a lot of people dont want to give up their weapons. If this gun law was passed i feel gun crimes and violence would raise because it would be more criminal to access them.

  225. Britneyrenae says:

    I believe stricter gun laws would help get crime rates down however I do not believe that it will just make things better over night. In fact I believe that it will make people go out & try to buy as many guns as they can if or before stricter laws are past like how people are doing now all over the country.

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